About Us

Cantonment Board (CB) Institutes are established on the belief of contemporary learning through modern approach to teaching. For many past years, CB Schools are serving the nation with their complete devotion and hard work.

Now CB Colleges are on way to follow the same trend. Here our students learn through self-exploration and encouraged to learn through inquisitive methods of learning. Our financial incentives for brilliant students facilitate them. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure to provide our students with optimum educational benefits.

Vision and Mission

To revive the glorious tradition of importing quality education through re-vamping existing CB Education System by developing modern, competitive, self-sustaining institutions with futuristic approach to serve even better the resident of Cantonments in Pakistan.


Success is a dream, but we make our students passionate to change their dreams into reality .We work to make our students loyal, focused and independent. We want to make consistency, excellence and hard work the personality hallmarks of our students & faculty. We aim at making our nation builders Honest, efficient and optimistic. Our perpetual effort keeps the learners motivation up.