CB Degree College for Girls Zarrar Shaheed Road Lahore Cantt is a part of CB Education System under supervision of Ministry of Defence.

The College places emphasis on:

  • The dignity and worth to each student
  • Development of personality according to Islamic Ideology
  • Development of a sound and solid foundation for academic excellence
  • Inculcating in the minds the true spirit of patriotism under the guiding principles of Faith, Unity and Discipline
  • Communication with parents both formally and informally

The College has well stocked and up-to date library for the use of the teacher and students. In addition to the text books of the subjects taught, the library is well equipped with reference books on Arts, Science, Religion, Philosophy, Criticism etc.

The head of institution, the principal, is empowered to run day to day administration of the college and to implement policy directives of the HQ MLC issued from time to time. Principal’s decisions and orders, in all matter of the college, are binding on all students on roll.