Principal’s Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to CB School and College. Our inclusive ethos and commitment to the highest standards of all round education have ensured an enviable reputation for CB School and College. We are acutely aware of our obligation to equip our students to make their way in the world as confident, caring, dignified and responsible global citizens. The sense of discipline and respect for rules is a great strength of the CB School and College.

At CB School and College, we aim to encourage a never ending quest for knowledge among our students. We strive to inculcate an open mind and constructive and rational thinking. Inquisitiveness, curiosity and hunger for knowledge are qualities we try to impart. We provide a very conducive and rich learning environment where all teachers, working tirelessly and with devotion avail every opportunity to impart knowledge.

We have already begun the process of further improving our overall curriculum. Over the last few months, the Faculty and Management have had several conversations on ways that ourĀ  school and college can bring about some significant improvements. We plan and hope to make CB School and College a centre of excellence in all aspects. CB School and College is a unique and exciting educational community.

I look forward to welcoming you here.

Hassan Akhtar
Lahore Cantonment Board